Where am I?

Life is about seasons. Some of them are good. Some of them…ya. I mean I would equate them to winter but some people really like winter.

I was asked at a women’s event what season I am in. (I mean everyone was asked. It wasn’t personal.). The question made me pause. I am not in a traditional season.

  • Kids? Nope
  • College? Graduated…a few times (but too old for this age group as well lol)
  • Married? Nope
  • Okay…dating? Nope
  • Divorced?? You’re grasping.
  • Ummmm??

Yup. I have me…and a dog…and a job. I mean a job is good, right? The people who want me to pay bills think so anyway.

But anyway, what kind of season is a 40ish single person in anyway? Never married. Never had children.

It’s my season. It doesn’t have a title. It’s just me. I mean we are brought up to think as girls we are in some kind of holding pattern until some man decides to pick us. It’s as if our mission isn’t complete until we’re married.

But, that’s not the case, I counter. There’s nothing wrong with being married (or even wanting to be). It’s a good thing. But we have to look at single as a good thing too sometimes.

Is it forever? Well, maybe. I kind of hope not. But I’m okay if it is. God has called me to live this season. How do I know? Because I am still living it. Maybe there’s more to learn in it before I get a new season. Maybe this is where it’s at.

I think we need to appreciate our season and grasp onto the truths that we can learn in it. It’s time to celebrate that our life looks nothing like it was “supposed to” (whatever that means). Heck, my life looks nothing like I wanted it to look. But you know what, I’m okay. It’s okay that my life has taken a different path. It’s okay that I don’t have it figure out yet. It’s okay that this might be it. It’s okay that there might be more.

(Coincidentally I met someone at that women’s event that also had no season…or basically was in the same non-traditional season I was in. She felt called to start a community group for us “weirdos”. I’m excited for this gift from God in this season.)

There’s so much more going on but I think this is good for a first post. I will throw more out in my season, and things I am learning.

I hope no matter your season, you will appreciate where you are. You’ll seek to grasp the good and appreciate that even the not so good has its place. You’ll look for God’s guidance in where this season is leading you. Walk with me while I figure out where God is taking me in my season. Maybe we can learn something together.

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