We are so caught up with how we stack up against other people. I mean life seems like a huge competition sometimes, and I don’t know about you, but for me it can really get me down.

I have always struggled with how I compare to other people. There was a time in my youth that if I couldn’t be the best I didn’t want to keep trying. It’s a manifestation of the perfectionism I struggle against.

This world feeds right into the struggle. A Facebook post: “Here’s the top 20 of….” Oh good I get to see how I rank. (That was sarcasm). Not only that but because I rank (kinda low lol) I get tagged individually. Then it feeds into the social media devil where I gotta see if anyone likes it or comments. And if they don’t….it’s a vicious circle. I then get tempted to have feelings about something I didn’t care about this morning.

A quick search of the Bible app (I mean it’s easier to search quickly than the physical one) shows me that there’s not a verse in the Bible that calls us to be better than anyone else. God calls us to try to be like Him but recognizes in our own flesh we cannot do this.

God calls us to run our race, not our sister’s race or our best friend’s race or even our enemy’s race. And no where do I see that it says we need to outrun anyone, or that the race has more than one competitor.

While competition is natural in our world, and let’s face it, I’m pretty competitive, it shouldn’t be a way we measure our self worth.

Satan tells us we’ll never be good enough. This is true. But God saved us and it is through Him that we are good enough.

So we continue to struggle, but we need to adjust our mindset. Every time the devil tells us we aren’t good enough, or even when someone else in our lives show us we aren’t enough, we need to mentally say no! God says I’m good enough. And as long as I am better than the me I was yesterday, by God’s grace, I am enough!! And you are enough! Remember that!

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