My Faith

Be brave while waiting

I’ve always been one to shy away from change too much. I like control. If life brings change, you lose some control for a while as you figure out the change.

But if you always stay in one place you can never grow or change. I’m reading 100 Days to Brave by Annie F Downs and a lot of the recent days readings have centered around your calling and your dreams and thinking about where you’re headed but also where you are right now.

“Don’t let fear of failure keep you from what God wants you to do.”

I’ve been giving thought to wear I’m at right now and what I want for my future, or what God wants for me for my future. I think I’m in a season of waiting.

Oddly enough as much as I don’t like change, I’m also not good at waiting. But that’s what I’m feeling called to do right now.

A while back I was made aware of an opportunity. When I looked at the description I knew I didn’t exactly fit the bill, but I knew it was similar to what I wanted to do.

Basically I had confirmation of that today. They told me they do want me, but I didn’t fit that opportunity. Yet they still brought me in because they anticipate more opportunities in the future that I will better fit. I had been praying for God to show me if that was my door and I’m good with the answer that maybe it is but not yet. I now search for peace in the waiting.

But I still am called to continue to live the opportunities I have now. To grow complacent in current life would be to do a disservice to that.

“Do your best today, in whatever spot you’re in. That will take you to the next piece.”

I feel like so much of my normal may change soon, but for now I need to do my best with what I’ve been given. I’m excited for future possibilities but need to also be content with current realities.

Even at church I feel that my place of service might be changing, but again I’m just being told to wait.

Perhaps that’s what I’m to learn right now. To be better at waiting. To learn patience. And to learn contentment.

I live a good life and I have found my people. I have a good job and good friends. I have grown closer to some that make me a better person and farther away from some that don’t. I’m not quite ready to change but embrace the fact that it might happen.

I continue to pray for direction, for peace, and for patience. And now also I pray for the ability to be content until the future is revealed.

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