I am gonna be perfectly honest. This week has been a struggle. I don’t even know why. Sometimes I think maybe it’s the busyness of life that just starts to be too much. Sometimes I just need a time out, but there’s no time for time outs.

It’s hard in a season where you’re supposed to just wait to wait and be content. I want to hurry things along, to jump to the next thing, to be done with this thing that’s become coming so hard.

But I know I’m supposed to wait. Something good is going to happen, I do have faith deep down. But I also have impatience.

Impatience makes me want to just jump to something else, which while it could be good, might not be the best thing for me. But every day is a struggle.

The truth is what I know. I’m supposed to keep waiting. And if I’m gonna be good at waiting, I have to change my attitude. I have to find joy in the current circumstances, even when it’s hard, and I have to stop longing for what hasn’t happened yet. I have to live with the faith that it will but the knowledge that I can’t hurry it along.

It’s me I need to work on. It’s all in the attitude of waiting, and it’s something I struggle with. So I must press on with grace and perseverance. And try to do better this week at waiting and finding joy in the current life. The grass might just be a different shade of green over there.

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