My Faith

Addendum to last post

Lol. I dunno but it’s my blog so I can. After I posted I was looking at some flowers. They are pretty, and weird, and made me think of something I wanted to share.

These flowers have intrigued me for about 3 days. They randomly showed up one night when I got home from work at 1am. (That’s another story).

What you can’t tell from this picture really is that there’s big slabs of rock there. These flowers literally grew up between rocks. They can’t have much sunlight under there. And they had to fight there way up, most likely.

It was probably a lot of work to bloom, but they did it. And they are beautiful. My friend tells me they are called “naked ladies” and I don’t even know what to do with that, but that they bloom once a year for about 3 days.

These flowers fought all that adversity and they are only going to be around for 3 days. It was worth it for them.

How much adversity can we fight to bloom, when we’re gonna bloom for more than 3 days? God has a plan. Whether we’re around for 3 days or 100 years. Bloom where you’re planted, even when it’s hard.

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