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The thing about forgiveness

There’s a funny thing about forgiveness. People think it has to do with the forgiven. Like I can’t forgive someone because they aren’t sorry or because they did what they did intentionally or whatever the reason.

Friends, look up the definition of forgiveness. (You can google it if Webster doesn’t live at your house). It means “to cease to feel resentment against (an offender)”. Is the forgiven involved at all? Not necessarily.

Forgiveness is about your heart. It’s about you letting go of whatever hurt you and not allowing it to hurt you anymore. It’s about your peace.

Is it great when the other person is involved? Of course because then there can be reconciliation. You can restore your relationship with that other person. That’s when forgiveness comes full circle.

But the thing we forget is you can forgive without this step. I can forgive you and let whatever go. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to let you back in to my inner circle. It means I’m not going to allow whatever to hurt my heart anymore. And that is good too…sometimes it’s better.

The only thing you have control of is the way you respond to situations. Forgiving those who have wronged you and letting it go can be the first step to mending your heart and continuing on the path of who God wants you to be.

Don’t over-analyze. Just forgive. Mend your heart. Leave other people’s heart to them. You can’t control them.

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