Don’t get on the bus

This is likely going to be a short story, I mean as short as any of them are. It’s after midnight and tomorrow we must return to life, but I feel like this story bears telling so…

Today we were riding around on the boat (which, sidebar, is amazing and something I highly recommend) and we were talking about nothing, as conversations usually have gone this week. (Another thing I highly recommend).

Occasionally my brother gets a little unintentionally philosophical. I don’t even remember how the conversation started, but my brother was telling a story about the golf course and people “riding the struggle bus” and he said something like, “that’s the running joke at the golf course. Why you riding the struggle bus? When that thing pulls up, tell it to go on. You don’t want to ride.”

This totally made me think, which is what this week has been about, why are we not doing that in life? Like literally how many times have I chosen to get on the “struggle bus”? How many times was I mildly inconvenienced and chose to make a huge deal out of it? How many times was my life not working out like I thought it would, and I chose to ride that bus to the next stop?

And really if I think about it, how many times did I wait for the struggle bus and invent a reason to get on? My life has not been perfect in so many ways, but it has not been as bad as I might think it is while I’m climbed up in the bus.

It again goes back to mindset. Choose a different path. Don’t choose struggle over peace. Breathe in the good and breathe out what you can’t control. Find peace in the good parts of life. I need to try to do that.

It’s not that I’m going to be able to snap my fingers and be a less high strung individual. I mean that would be cool, but likely not realistic. I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to let go of the things I cannot control and just play with the cards I have. And go forth and live life. Even if there are boxes in the perfect life checklist that I haven’t checked, I can still have a great life. I can still live. I don’t have to be in a holding pattern forever until I get my “got married” box checked. Maybe that’s not my life.

Embrace the life you’ve been given. You have one wild and crazy life and you choose what you do with it. Tell the driver of the struggle bus to move on. You will not be needing transportation on that bus today.

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