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This blog is a little different. It’s the first of my book review blogs. Through these I will give you some thoughts on books to read or share with your people.

This Children’s book is from the same author that brought us Colorfull and Gracefull.

Thoughtfull is a great book for elementary aged kids about celebrating our differences and also standing up for our friends.

In this day where children often encounter bullying earlier and earlier, it illustrates the importance of being unique and shows the good that can come from standing up when your friend is picked on.

The story is about Ahanu, a boy with Down’s Syndrome, who wins an award at school for being thoughtful.

When his friend, Joshua, heard some boys making fun of Ahanu on the bus, his father helps him to see the good things he admires about his friend, Ahanu.

I like that it tells the story not from the perspective of the bully or the bullied but from an observer. I think it could be a vehicle to start an important conversation with kids about what to do when someone you know gets picked on.

Another great feature is the “Parent Connection” at the end, which gives a Bible passage and some things to think about and discuss with children.

About the Author: Dorena Williamson is a bridge builder, speaker, writer, and worship leader who knows the power and beauty of racial awareness. She and her husband, Dr. Chris Williamson, planted Strong Tower Bible Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and have spent more than twenty years ministering to its richly diverse faith community. Dorena and Chris have four children.

Special thanks to B&H/Lifeway for sending a complimentary copy of Thoughtfull to review for this blog. (Click on title for link to purchase).

I look forward to more titles to tell you about. Don’t worry. They won’t all be kids books, but I’m glad to have gotten to read this one!

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