Book Reviews

When I Pray for You

Yes, this is a book review. But unlike my usual book reviews this one is voluntary. I bought this book for a friend’s foster parent shower. (Side note: if your friend signs up to do something amazing that you wish you could do, fully support them in all of it. There aren’t enough foster parent showers in the world.)

I’d heard about this book because I happen to follow his wife on Instagram. When we decided to do books instead of cards for the foster shower, I knew I needed to find it. But the thing is I needed to make sure it wasn’t parent focused. You know the kind of book that you would read to a child you’ve always had and known. (There’s nothing wrong with those books, but I was hoping it would fit the occasion). It does.

First off, as I was skimming it in Barnes & Noble I teared up a little. The simple message, this is what I’m praying over you no matter what happens in your life, is one kids need to hear…every. day.

These simple words and more on every page let a child know what the grownups in their lives are hopefully praying over them. It will be what we pray over these littles, whether they are around for months or years or just a few days. That they will he touched by their time here and a hard life may turn into an amazing one just by one influence and a lot of prayers.

If you have a little, if you know and love a little, or if you just want to pray over a little and bless someone else, you need this book. It might make you cry, but oh what a sweet reminder to pray over these little ones.

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