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Safety in the journey

"You have things you need to work on, too." This was said to be in the midst of a discussion about something I felt hurt by. First, let me state that I am proud of myself for having the discussion and staying in it until the resolution. Because you see I don't normally do that… Continue reading Safety in the journey

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Oh for grace…

It's been a while. This has been a very busy month. The last few weeks have been brutal for various reasons, some in busyness and some in storms, tornadoes and flooding (yup I live in that state). While I've been silent here, it doesn't mean anything ominous. It's a mixture of both busyness and working… Continue reading Oh for grace…

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To live in the present

First, let me take a minute to acknowledge that I took last week off from writing. I even got a few questions about it. For some reason, last week was just a week to exist and not contemplate much of anything. It definitely had its rough moments. I'm still learning to navigate this place I… Continue reading To live in the present

Book Reviews

Friendship Promises: book review

Friendship Promises is a gift book from (In)courage. It is a mix of short reflections from Lisa-Jo Baker (Never Unfriended) and the book Craving Connections (from the (In)courage community), prayers, scriptures, brush lettering, and journaling prompts. The reflections leave you with something to think about. The topics are amazing for building deeper friendships and for… Continue reading Friendship Promises: book review