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Safety in the journey

"You have things you need to work on, too." This was said to be in the midst of a discussion about something I felt hurt by. First, let me state that I am proud of myself for having the discussion and staying in it until the resolution. Because you see I don't normally do that… Continue reading Safety in the journey

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Rollin’ with the punches

Random Wednesday check-in? Maybe that will be a new thing. I am still figuring out what I'm doing in this new season and new territory. I'm still processing through what to say publicly and what to process offline with my peeps. Y'all. My people deserve a medal. I'm not sure how many rough patches they… Continue reading Rollin’ with the punches

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Reclaiming peace

My people and I have started a thing in our group. Once a week someone is the person of the week. That week they tell their story, whatever story God has for them to tell. The rest of us pray over them that week and come back to speak words over them, to them, of… Continue reading Reclaiming peace

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The Sweet Spot

Life is good. It seems weird to come here to say that after everything we've walked through the last 6 months. However, as I sit here tonight, I can tell you, honestly, life is good. It's a little ironic though because am I where I thought I would be at this point in my life?… Continue reading The Sweet Spot

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New every morning

This morning I woke up with joy. I know that sounds weird because you know what I've been walking, and it was the opposite of joy. But this morning I think I finally know what it means when Annie spoke and said, "you can never feel the fullness of joy until you feel the depths… Continue reading New every morning


It’s hard to fix a heart

This day. Nothing in particular happened. I spent it finishing an audio book (because that's all that's available yet) of Remember God by Annie F. Downs. Y'all. It's so good. And yet it hurt my heart a little. Let's be fair. The book itself didn't hurt my heart. It made me realize that my heart… Continue reading It’s hard to fix a heart