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Don’t take the bait

I was in a conversation yesterday. The phrase “imposter syndrome” came up. We were talking about how they realized that they aren’t doing the bad job they thought they were doing. I related to that as I had a meeting last week as a “review” and I was geared up for the worst and yet… Continue reading Don’t take the bait

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You’re brave, beautiful and handpicked

So today I'm trying to spend downtime. While I'm sitting in front of the TV, it isn't on. I'm in two different Bible study groups (well 3 really) and I'm using the time to prepare for the next week. But I'm also trying to rest well. Monday I got the ok from cardiology to attempt… Continue reading You’re brave, beautiful and handpicked

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I believe in evolution

Woah. Calm down. I was not about to get into some theological science debate when I made that title, but did it get your attention? What I mean to say is I believe in my evolution as a person, and yours too. I think if we are doing life right we are constantly analyzing and… Continue reading I believe in evolution

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Sometimes I get lost

It's funny. Sometimes I'm downright in love with my life. Granted, it's been a little extra challenging these last several months and I've allowed myself to be bogged down by that. I've found myself falling into old familiar habits of trying to control all the things that are uncontrollable. I found myself feeling very alone… Continue reading Sometimes I get lost

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Mine isn’t better, but it’s still good

I have a lot of really talented friends. Like really talented, y'all. One of my friends is an amazing singer. She was a vocal major in college. She teaches music. She sang amazing solos in church when I was growing up. I sing. I even sing well. I'm not an amazing singer though. Growing up… Continue reading Mine isn’t better, but it’s still good