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It’s good enough

I know. Two blogs in one weekend. Watch out. I had coffee with a friend recently and she truth bombed me. It was just a basic question, but it exposed a piece of me that I don’t love. I denied it at first. Then after mulling it over for another day I had to be… Continue reading It’s good enough

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Weakness and peace

I’ve been reading and studying through a Bible study on Anxiety and as I watched the companion video on Moses, this quote hit me because it feels so opposite of what the world would say but also because it feels so much like what He’s been trying to teach me. I don’t love weakness. I… Continue reading Weakness and peace

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Gut punches and all the things

Well…hi. It’s been a minute. It’s funny. This blog started after a trip to the bottom of a pit and yet sometimes that’s where I run out of words. I hate to blame C…(you know) on everything but it’s been hard. Watching the career you love become so hard. Watching people die. Loving people who… Continue reading Gut punches and all the things

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Dear brain…I hate you

I am not 100% that I’m going to publish this post. But, if you haven’t figured out yet that I’m a verbal processor, welcome. You must be new. This is one of the ways I process, and I am processing a lot right now. I went back and looked at my last blog post for… Continue reading Dear brain…I hate you

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I’m important too

I still go to therapy. If you're surprised by this, you must be new here, so welcome. But yes, I go to therapy. What I used to be so ardently against, for myself, I now have come to look forward too. It's like a mental health accountability partner. And I need all the accountability partners… Continue reading I’m important too

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Paying attention

That's kind of a funny title for a blog post about anxiety. I realize that. I'm aware. But it seems like a good one today. Oh, ya...sorry did I not mention...I guess I'm writing about that again today. I mean by now you shouldn't be surprised. If you are, you should know I fully believe… Continue reading Paying attention

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A troubled heart

It's 4:35am or so says the clock on the top of this screen. I've been trying to go to sleep for a solid 3 hours at least. I've tried all the things. AC is on polar ice caps. Noise machine on rain storm (even though there's a natural rain storm outside). Weighted blanket. I can't… Continue reading A troubled heart


Sometimes it has to change

I've been pretty anti-change my whole life. My resume itself leads you to believe I stick with one thing for a really long time. Change is hard...probably because it's hard to control and this little control freak doesn't like the unpredictability of it. But change happens. It happens everywhere you look. Seasons change. If they… Continue reading Sometimes it has to change

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What you can do

I have been fairly open about mental health in these last months. Whether it's on my blog here, on Instagram or in person, I've not necessarily shied away from it. Some people have wondered. Some people have asked. Why speak so candidly about this? The answer is simple. Because I was ashamed and now I'm… Continue reading What you can do