Honoring yourself

Today is a better day, mentally. I woke up reminded that a year ago I bought my house and all the grateful feelings for the way that God provided for me in the silly, inconsequential things as well as the important things. This day will always be a day of gratitude because we survive and… Continue reading Honoring yourself

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Out of the wilderness

I just spent over an hour in the car driving back from an amazing weekend, and I had this song on repeat. I must live under a rock because I've never heard Thy Will by Hillary Scott before (or I did and never noticed). Thursday though it came on while I was running errands and… Continue reading Out of the wilderness

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You’re brave, beautiful and handpicked

So today I'm trying to spend downtime. While I'm sitting in front of the TV, it isn't on. I'm in two different Bible study groups (well 3 really) and I'm using the time to prepare for the next week. But I'm also trying to rest well. Monday I got the ok from cardiology to attempt… Continue reading You’re brave, beautiful and handpicked

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Reclaiming peace

My people and I have started a thing in our group. Once a week someone is the person of the week. That week they tell their story, whatever story God has for them to tell. The rest of us pray over them that week and come back to speak words over them, to them, of… Continue reading Reclaiming peace

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Goals are a road map

About a month ago, we had goals weekend. During this weekend we were to set goals, personally and for our group. I set my goals weeks before because I felt inspired to do so then. Also, if you've read previous blogs, you know that was probably divine intervention because had I waited until Goals Weekend… Continue reading Goals are a road map

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A call to…something

Tonight I sat (again) on the couch of my person while a mix of exhaustion and the cruelties of this world threatened to overwhelm. And once again she put me back together. She jokes that her house is the hospital. I joke that she should bill me. (I mean at this point she probably should,… Continue reading A call to…something