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All consuming

There's been a lot of reflection lately. This week I've had time to do just that. I had drive time on Tuesday and while the weather wasn't conducive to too much mind wandering, the road itself lends me to my thoughts. Probably two things make me reflect on my life this week. The first is… Continue reading All consuming

life, My Faith

Where’s my church

I was reading in the (In)courage devotional Bible just now, and I read a reading entitled "This is Church" (it goes with Psalm 150:6 if you have that Bible and want to see it). It was talking about church as a "house of worship" and finding that place of worship in nature. I'm not necessarily… Continue reading Where’s my church


It’s hard to fix a heart

This day. Nothing in particular happened. I spent it finishing an audio book (because that's all that's available yet) of Remember God by Annie F. Downs. Y'all. It's so good. And yet it hurt my heart a little. Let's be fair. The book itself didn't hurt my heart. It made me realize that my heart… Continue reading It’s hard to fix a heart