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Changing a mindset

This week has been all about learning to live in the moment, learning to breathe and just focusing on enjoying some of the amazing parts of life. This week has been a blessing, a blessing from which I'm exhausted but a blessing nonetheless. It's been a nice change after the last several weeks. I still… Continue reading Changing a mindset

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Goals are a road map

About a month ago, we had goals weekend. During this weekend we were to set goals, personally and for our group. I set my goals weeks before because I felt inspired to do so then. Also, if you've read previous blogs, you know that was probably divine intervention because had I waited until Goals Weekend… Continue reading Goals are a road map

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Goals and things

The last couple of days have been about evaluating 2018 and looking for ways to go into 2019 better. I know; we're already in 2019. But, not by much and I'm learning that good things take time. In about 3 weeks, my people and I will embark on "Goals Weekend", a weekend to learn, get… Continue reading Goals and things


Bless them Lord (and me too)

Here's a thing you might not know about me. For a season, I lived for the the literal tangible clapping. I loved dressing up and being someone I'm not and having people say, "hey, you're really good at that." When I first moved to Tulsa, I came off a 6 show straight run on… Continue reading Bless them Lord (and me too)