Bless them Lord (and me too)

Here's a thing you might not know about me. For a season, I lived for the the literal tangible clapping. I loved dressing up and being someone I'm not and having people say, "hey, you're really good at that." When I first moved to Tulsa, I came off a 6 show straight run on… Continue reading Bless them Lord (and me too)


It’s hard to fix a heart

This day. Nothing in particular happened. I spent it finishing an audio book (because that's all that's available yet) of Remember God by Annie F. Downs. Y'all. It's so good. And yet it hurt my heart a little. Let's be fair. The book itself didn't hurt my heart. It made me realize that my heart… Continue reading It’s hard to fix a heart

My Faith

Mine isn’t better, but it’s still good

I have a lot of really talented friends. Like really talented, y'all. One of my friends is an amazing singer. She was a vocal major in college. She teaches music. She sang amazing solos in church when I was growing up. I sing. I even sing well. I'm not an amazing singer though. Growing up… Continue reading Mine isn’t better, but it’s still good

My Faith

Excellence not perfection

I've realized something about myself recently, or God has brought it to my attention. I'm not good with grace. I mean I'm pretty good extending grace to others. I forgive other people's mistakes pretty easily. Sure I get annoyed or upset with people sometimes (because that's human) but it doesn't take much for me to… Continue reading Excellence not perfection