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Still good

Yesterday I posted a quote that was very much how I felt: "God, I don't know if you're still good anymore, but I know that I still want you. I don't want to live without you." I didn't completely trust in the goodness of God because when my circumstances are hard, when it looks like… Continue reading Still good

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The time I almost gave up

The story I'm gonna tell might scare some folk. I'm aware. (ie...Mom...I'm fine. You don't need to pack.). But stick it out to the end; it'll be worth it. Last night I found the bottom of the pit. I told you this week had been bad. I was not feeling well, I was overwhelmed, I've… Continue reading The time I almost gave up

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Is it even raining?

To say this has been a rough week is an understatement. I have been frustrated with somethings, annoyed with others, and physically sick and tired on top of it all. I'm just flat worn out in all the ways. God and I have had a lot of conversation this week. If you don't hold conversations… Continue reading Is it even raining?

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I believe in evolution

Woah. Calm down. I was not about to get into some theological science debate when I made that title, but did it get your attention? What I mean to say is I believe in my evolution as a person, and yours too. I think if we are doing life right we are constantly analyzing and… Continue reading I believe in evolution


It’s hard to fix a heart

This day. Nothing in particular happened. I spent it finishing an audio book (because that's all that's available yet) of Remember God by Annie F. Downs. Y'all. It's so good. And yet it hurt my heart a little. Let's be fair. The book itself didn't hurt my heart. It made me realize that my heart… Continue reading It’s hard to fix a heart