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Remember God

It happened. Remember God was officially on the list of books to review this month as a B&H/Lifeway blogger. (Official disclaimer: I received a free copy; I was not paid to give a positive review…and all that Jazz. However to add street cred, I have purchased 10 copies lol.)

I’m pretty sure if you’ve been around this blog for a minute, you know how I feel about all things Annie F. Downs and Remember God in particular. Since the first time I heard the audio book, which I listened to in the first day, I have felt like this is the book everyone should read (hence the 10 copies because I’ve given them away).

In this book, Annie tackles the question of whether or not God is kind. You know I’ve wrestled with this question, and I still do. Bad things happen, and we know we serve a good God, but is he really kind? The way Annie walks through this issue is a way that allows the reader to fully grasp and understand what she’s saying.

One of my favorite quotes, because it hits home so hard after this year, is the one I shared in just the last blog post.

I want to remember God even when my circumstances don’t match what I cognitively know about Him.

Annie’s writing style is more of a conversation. It’s a story. I feel like if we could sit down with her somewhere (um hi…life goals) she would tell stories in much the same way. The book is easy to read but packed with so much truth. It will make you think and evaluate in all the good ways. It’s challenging and a hard subject to navigate, yet Annie will take you through it in the way only she can.

Also, bonus, if you prefer audio books, she’s one of those writers who should ALWAYS read their own books. (We’ve all heard some that we’ve thought, oh honey. Please hire someone. Annie is not those people.)

She writes with honesty straight from the heart. If you don’t pick up this book, or borrow it from a friend or the library, or audiobook it up, you are missing out.

About the Author: Annie F Downs is a bestselling author, nationally recognized speaker, and podcast host (That Sounds Fun podcast is something you should be listening to.). She is based in Nashville and frequently appears on the Relevant podcast (also a good time). She’s authored 100 Days to Brave, Looking for Lovely, and Let’s all be Brave to name a few.

Y’all know I’m an Annie fan for life. (I mean hello she has her own tag here. Like I hope I’m not on some do not let this creepy stalker in list cuz I’m not creepy.). God has used her writing a lot for me this year and through a group deciding to read Looking for Lovely, I met my people, so of course I am indebted to Annie.

If you only read one book in 2019, make Remember God the one you choose. I’m excited to embark on reading it again in 2019 with my people!

You can find Annie at anniefdowns on all the social media places. (Instagram will not let you down).

You can find the book here:

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