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It’s good enough

I know. Two blogs in one weekend. Watch out. I had coffee with a friend recently and she truth bombed me. It was just a basic question, but it exposed a piece of me that I don’t love. I denied it at first. Then after mulling it over for another day I had to be… Continue reading It’s good enough

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Hope in the broken parts

Well it's been a minute...or several weeks. To be honest, they've been trying weeks and existing was enough work. I got sick, had to take steroids (anxiety brain on steroids is bad), and then just had a very challenge week after that (as did everyone around me). But here I am today, not really sure… Continue reading Hope in the broken parts

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We don’t have to be ashamed

So I was thinking about shame. I know. I know. It's a weird topic to think about. But really this is how it started. I was thinking about why we don't talk about things that we struggle with. I mean really. If you break your arm, you have to talk about it because it poses… Continue reading We don’t have to be ashamed


Sometimes it has to change

I've been pretty anti-change my whole life. My resume itself leads you to believe I stick with one thing for a really long time. Change is hard...probably because it's hard to control and this little control freak doesn't like the unpredictability of it. But change happens. It happens everywhere you look. Seasons change. If they… Continue reading Sometimes it has to change

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Safety in the journey

"You have things you need to work on, too." This was said to be in the midst of a discussion about something I felt hurt by. First, let me state that I am proud of myself for having the discussion and staying in it until the resolution. Because you see I don't normally do that… Continue reading Safety in the journey

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Only forward is the battle cry

What if this thing that feels like a curse, a hindrance, is actually a blessing? What if dropping the pretense of perfection actually takes me to the place God has wanted me all along? What if...? It amazes me the number of people who struggle--well adjusted, strong women. These are women I've seen God use… Continue reading Only forward is the battle cry

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The time I almost gave up

The story I'm gonna tell might scare some folk. I'm aware. (ie...Mom...I'm fine. You don't need to pack.). But stick it out to the end; it'll be worth it. Last night I found the bottom of the pit. I told you this week had been bad. I was not feeling well, I was overwhelmed, I've… Continue reading The time I almost gave up

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I believe in evolution

Woah. Calm down. I was not about to get into some theological science debate when I made that title, but did it get your attention? What I mean to say is I believe in my evolution as a person, and yours too. I think if we are doing life right we are constantly analyzing and… Continue reading I believe in evolution